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idealab, School of Design and Human Engineering at UNIST

This homepage is no longer updated.  Please, come to my new homepage (http://ixlab.unist.ac.kr).


Dr. Gyouhyung Kyung is  founding director of i D E A L A B (interface/interaction design, engineering, and application lab) in the School of Design & Human Engineering at UNIST.  Its research objective is to design better human-system interfaces, and improve various systems by taking into account humans' physical, cognitive, and affective factors.  i D E A L A B people strive to make designs/products/systems better (e.g., comfortable, convenient, satisfactory, usable, efficient, effective, pleasurable, delightful), in order to improve user experience (UX).  Now, 'i' has been extended to innovative, intuitive, insightful, intelligent, inclusive interface/interaction.


The major areas of research and facilities are as follows:


Major Areas of Research:

1) Human Factors Engineering (HMI / HCI / BCI / UCD / UX / Usability / DHM)
2) Visual Ergonomics
3) Neuroergonomics
4) Vehicle Ergonomics 
5) Adaptive Interface 
6) Creative Product R&D


Flexible Displays, Smart Devices, Smart Toys, Home Appliances, Automobiles, Ships, Warfare Systems, Future Produts, etc.

Major Facilities & Equipment:

1) Driving Simulator
2) Usability Lab
3) HMD VR System
6) RP
7) 3D Scanner
8) Eye Tracking System
9) 3D Motion Suit
10) Pressure Mats


Currently, we are seeking postdoctoral researchers and graduate students who, as active members of i D E A L A B, will design, evaluate, and provide innovative human interfaces for various systems, based on interdisciplinary knowledge and creative thinking. Specifically, if you have knowledge on industrial engineering, human factors, computer science, mechanical engineering, psychology, and/or industrial design, and are interested in interdisciplinary approaches for system improvement and convergence between different domains, you are more than welcome to apply.


Gyouhyung Kyung, PhD

Founder & Director of IDEA LAB

Associate Professor

School of Design & Human Engineering


ghkyung at unist.ac.kr

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